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How we represent teams is vital to the overall Hudl experience. Every team name is comprised of different details, some appearing more often than others.

The order (and occasional exclusion) of that information all depends on where a team is being named.

The full list of possible details—and their required order—is organization + gender + level + sport. In the case of a high school volleyball team, it would read East High School girls’ varsity* volleyball.

*Level isn’t required, as we don’t always get that detail from the user during sign-up. Should it be necessary or included, it belongs between the gender and sport.



An organization is named whatever the user provides during sign-up. It may be a high school, but it could also be an academy, day school, institute or something else entirely. It’s important we give them the freedom to apply that name, not only for the subsequent team names, but for the sake of opponents trying to find them in Hudl.

The same goes for colleges and universities. There is a difference.


Our Lady Of Mercy Academy High School

Middle Central Catholic HS


Our Lady of Mercy Academy

Middle Central Catholic

  • Don't assume anything about the organization name.
  • Do use common sense to apply the appropriate name to a profile.

Club names could be anything, so it’s not as easy as assuming academy from “high school academy”. Take these at the user’s word.


Organizations are always title case. Easy as that!



Midlands university

archbishop BERGAN


East High School

Midlands University

Archbishop Bergan

  • Don't present them with all caps or other erratic capitalization.
  • Do properly title case all organization names.


The organization name appears by itself in a number of spots, all where the gender and sport are implied. Think schedules and libraries, where the viewer knows the context of “this is men’s basketball we’re talking about!” Highlights are a solid public example.

Listing organization, gender and sport in all of those places would become redundant (and cramped).


Lincoln High School girls' varsity basketball

Millard High School girls' varsity basketball

Tecumseh High School girls' varsity basketball


Lincoln High School

Millard High School

Tecumseh High School

  • Don't provide the full team name every time.
  • Do list only the organization where more teams of the same gender and sport appear.


Never abbreviate organizations on schedules and highlights, where a more public audience may be less familiar with possible opponents.

The most common and appropriate spot for abbreviated organizations is reports. The user creating the report is already familiar with the opponent, having chosen them from the schedule and/or library.

Long story short, abbreviations are rarely the default. If the user chooses to abbreviate when naming video or adding plays to their playbook, that’s up to them.


The full team name adds gender and sport to the organization. More often than not, if you’re not listing the organization on its own, you’ll need the full team name instead.


The most common instance of a full team name is the public profile. There, the audience would appreciate and benefit from every possible detail.


JHS boys' basketball

JHS boys' basketball

JHS boys' basketball


Johnsonville High School boys' varsity basketball

Jefferson High School boys' varsity basketball

Jefferson High School boys' reserve basketball

  • Don't omit details just for the sake of space.
  • Do provide the complete team name where context may be lacking.

The only time gender and sport can appear on their own is internally. It usually makes sense in the list of teams a user can access, or the individual teams on a given organization’s invoice. Both of those are possible because the user is 100% aware of the organization in question.

The simple combo of gender + sport should never appear anywhere public, especially profiles, highlights and schedules.


2018 Girls' Lacrosse Highlights

Boys' Varsity Golf Schedule


Girls' Lacrosse - Gold package, unlimited Assist

Boys' Varsity Golf - Silver package

  • Don't use gender and sport alone to identify a team for the public.
  • Do limit the name to gender and sport when organization is already clear.


Organization is the only thing you should always title case in a team name. The capitalization of gender and sport depend on where the team name appears.

They should be capitalized when they’re part of an actual title, like on public profiles, not when simply naming a team in a larger list or via email.


Inglewood Boys' Varsity Football plays away next Friday.

Omaha High girls' golf tournament


Inglewood boys' varsity football plays away next Friday.

Omaha High Girls' Golf Tournament

  • Don't title case gender and sport in everyday correspondence.
  • Do title case the full team name as the title of a profile or account.


The gender on a team is always possessive. That means an apostrophe is always necessary.

  • For girls' and boys', simply add the apostrophe to the very end. No additional ‘s’ is needed.
  • For men’s and women’s, the plural is formed with -en, so an ‘s’ is needed along with the apostrophe.

For more about apostrophes and other punctuation across Hudl, check the guidelines.