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Uniform is Hudl’s design system. It exists to unify Hudl’s products through design () and code () implementation.

The system includes components, visual guidelines, language and additional resources to help you build more cohesive product interfaces.

Sketch Library

You can find all assets created for Uniform in one Sketch Library available on Google Drive.

By adding the Uniform Library to Sketch, you can easily insert any symbol and know it follows Hudl’s design standards—just follow the instructions below.

Sync the Library with Google Drive

Use Google Drive File Stream to sync Uniform UI.sketch from the Uniform Resources folder.

  • If you need access to the Team Drive, ask for help in #design on Slack.
  • Right-click on the file to make it available offline for better reliability.
  • Don’t just download the file from Google Drive. Do use the synced version to ensure you’re always up-to-date.
Link the Library in Sketch

Click Sketch > Preferences.

Click the Libraries tab, then Add Library.

Navigate to Uniform Resources in Drive, then select the Uniform UI.sketch file.

Close the Preferences window.

Begin Using the Uniform Sketch Library

Insert to add components as symbols from the Uniform UI Library.

Use the Overrides Panel for component options.