Voice & Tone

To understand the Hudl voice, you have to understand our mission to help teams and athletes win.

Those are the people we serve—coaches, athletes and the people supporting them. Everything we do, we do for them. That includes the products we build, the blogs we publish, the events we attend and more. None of it means anything if we can’t communicate.

That’s why the Hudl voice is human, first and foremost.

And while we may speak with a consistent voice, our tone adapts for each audience. It changes based on the context of how or when the content is presented.

Think about your own voice and tone. Your voice is your personality. It’s unmistakably you. No matter who you’re talking to, you stick with the same vocabulary and point of view. Your tone, on the other hand, varies. It sets the mood.

You wouldn’t talk to a middle-aged coach the same way you’d tweet at a newly committed athlete. Either the coach would think you’re being facetious or the athlete would call you boring. Emailing a parent about highlights is different than fielding a call from the athletic director whose invoice is due. Whether you realize it or not, your tone changes with each user.

Just remember that our users are our primary consideration when writing as Hudl. Maintain the Hudl voice. The appropriate tone will come naturally as you practice these guidelines.