What is microcopy? It's the words we use to communicate with a user as they interact with the product. Sometimes, it’s a single word. Other times, it may be a couple of brief paragraphs. It’s a critical but often overlooked part of the design of Hudl. Too often, we don't consider its importance until the last minute.

Imagine using any of your favorite apps with the words “turned off” or made invisible. The words in our interfaces are just as important as the pixels and content.

Microcopy vs. Content

Hudlies must distinguish microcopy from user content. If a user writes a message to another user, the words that comprise that message are content. Microcopy is the text label that tells you the adjacent button will Send This Message. The name of a playlist is user content. The label on the tab, “Playlists,” is microcopy.

If we wrote it, it’s microcopy. If they wrote it, it’s content.

While designers typically write microcopy, developers, product managers and quality analysts also contribute with help from brand editors, copywriters, content strategists and information architects. Consider our guidelines at every stage.

Always think of microcopy as a conversation with the user.